Daimari Beach

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Daimari Beach
Daimari Beach, Santa Cruz, Aruba
Santa Cruz

Daimari Beach holds the 26th position among the 27 beaches in the Aruba region, situated about 10.4 km away from the heart of Oranjestad, the central city. Nestled within the Catashi settlement, merely 2.4 km from its core, this beach is embraced by natural beauty, enveloped by towering cliffs.

Characterized by its petite, multi-bayed shoreline, Daimari Beach boasts crystalline turquoise waters and a sandy expanse that gleams gold. As a precaution, it's advised to don specialized footwear due to the slightly rugged entrance into the water. This coastal gem accommodates an array of visitors, from solo explorers to seekers of tranquil respites, catering to diverse preferences amidst its unspoiled allure. Even during peak seasons, the beach remains pleasantly uncrowded.

Nature takes the lead at Daimari Beach, offering its pristine coastline without the encumbrance of facilities or amenities. Apart from indulging in sun-soaked relaxation and refreshing swims, there are additional activities to engage in. The beach's convenient accessibility is underscored by its proximity to a nearby road, and parking arrangements are thoughtfully positioned right on the beach itself.

Heading about 4 kilometers north from Dos Playa brings you to Daimari Beach. This shoreline has gained renown for the horseback riding experiences facilitated by the neighboring Daimari Ranch, which is established on the grounds of a historic 16th-century coconut plantation. It's worth noting that the popularity of these riding tours can occasionally result in a slightly bustling atmosphere, which might deviate from the tranquility seekers often desire in a serene setting.


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